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FGTR reissues
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Author:  dvdgenesis [ Sat Jan 14, 2012 6:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: FGTR reissues

Okay, so since my last post I've received two rather uninteresting reissues from the UK and one very interesting one from Russia.

First, let's get the boring ones out of the way. One is a 2-disc version that is identical to The Orange Collection aside from the packaging. It divides the album in exactly the same way (i.e., A Place To Call My Own has been moved to the bonus disc) and it even contains the same bad edit at the end of Silent Sun 2006. I would have expected this from The White Collection, etc., but this one is titled The Early Days of Genesis and has somewhat different cover art. Someone has used Photoshop (or a similar technique) to shuffle the boys around in the photo and cluster them in much closer together. The group has then been pushed over to the right-hand side and there was a slipcover with a semicircular cutout that revealed them on the cover of the booklet. Given that the wg and mcps logos are on this as well as The Orange Collection, it's pretty safe to say that this is actually a reissue of a reissue, since it's obviously from the same record company but it's from 2008.

The other UK one is a single disc, but also bears the wg and mcps logos. It's titled Genesis - The Peter Gabriel Years and features a small version of the standard group photo on the left with a few song titles to the right of it and a "Music Sessions" logo in the lower-right corner. It is from 2008 or 2009 as I recall. If there were any doubt that this is just the first disc's content from The Orange Collection (or perhaps even the 2008 release described above), the fact that A Place To Call My Own has been left off of this release entirely pretty much clinches it. I have no idea why this company decided to divide the album up this way, but I have a theory. When I load the CD and iTunes checks the Gracenote database, the title comes up as In The Beginning, which doesn't appear anywhere on the packaging. I assume that there was a release called In The Beginning from this company, and all subsequent releases come up that way because of how Gracenote identifies CDs (an algorithm that is based on the number of tracks and running time of each). For that reason, any single-disc reissue of FGTR would come up as the same title as long as the number of tracks was the same and they were in the same order. iTunes sees at least a couple of my 17-track single-disc reissues as the same album, although it is able to discern a difference with one or two of them, probably due to minor differences in the track times. That could explain why different reissues split certain songs in different places, but it's more likely to be due to confusion arising out of having all the tracks segue right into each other without a gap.

My theory about splitting the album up differently is that the first disc wouldn't come up as any other reissue if it had one less track than the original album. That theory may be flawed, because they also left the bonus tracks off the first disc, but for example, Disc 1 of the EDSEL release would have the same number of tracks with the same timing as The Orange Collection if they'd have left A Place To Call My Own where it was supposed to be. Regardless of the reason, it's just silly and makes me really glad I don't actually have to rely on these reissues to listen to the album.

Well, since I've gone on so long about these rather unremarkable UK reissues, I'll start a new post for my description of the very cool (and somewhat mysterious) Russian release. Thanks for sticking with me so far.

Author:  dvdgenesis [ Sat Jan 14, 2012 7:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: FGTR reissues

Now to the juicy bit, and I'm going to refrain from describing exactly how I obtained the Russian release, since I'm not 100% sure of its legitimacy. I wouldn't talk about it at all if I really believed it was bogus... the only reason I'm being cautious about not saying whether I bought or traded for it is because of my general suspicion of any recorded media that originated in that country. For the record, I did not obtain it directly from Russia.

Audio-wise, I thought this one sounded very good... maybe not quite up to the EDSEL release, but it seemed significantly less noisy than the ones I described in my previous post. It was apparently released by a company called SomeWax in 2001, and one of the things that makes this release unique is that the song titles are actually laser-etched on the underside of the disc around the outer edge.

The key artwork on this release is the "snowy fence" cover art used on the U.S. "Snapper" release, which makes some sense because that version was released in 2000. What doesn't fit is that this is only a single-disc release with no bonus tracks, and the Snapper release was 2 discs. This wouldn't even be the first disc of the Snapper version, because that one had A Place To Call My Own leading off Disc 2 as well (so I guess that happened long before The Orange Collection). The artwork appears no less than FOUR times between the booklet, disc and rear insert. The front cover is particularly unique... it's kind of in the same vein as the Rock Roots cover. On the front, it shows a pile of record jackets, with the "Snapper" release of FGTR on top (odd, because I don't think that version was ever released on LP). The only other cover that I recognize is Foxtrot, the back cover of which is visible in the upper-left corner. At bottom center is printed "GENESIS" with "from genesis to revelation" just below it. Next to that, mysteriously enough, is our friend the hologram sticker, which is often found on counterfeit items, especially from Argentina. Can't say for sure what it means here, and it may actually prove this a legitimate release rather than serving as evidence to the contrary. Would love to know which, but I have no idea how to go about finding out.

When considering this release, I had thought I may need to get the real Snapper version to get the real "snowy fence" cover instead of just a cover that features a picture of it, but luckily the full artwork appears on the back of the booklet in its original form. It is also on the disc surface, making this a "picture disc" of sorts. When you lift out the disc, the inside of the back insert is printed with a photo of an open Anvil-type briefcase containing several LPs, again with FGTR on top. Some of you may be able to identify the other albums shown, but none of them strike me as familiar. Obviously, this photo is visible through a clear disc tray. The back of the insert shows another photo of the briefcase, but rather than having black sides like an Anvil (or "roadie") case, it looks more like a metal case that mobile DJs might use to carry large libraries of CDs, and there is a "SOMEWAX" emblem just above the handle. It is closed, and has a stack of LPs on top, with FGTR yet again on top, but this time the back is visible which shows the track list. It is also printed in the lower-left corner of the insert, even though it's perfectly readable from the back of the LP cover. I have to say that I'm not entirely sure that these photos aren't all CGI, or at least computer-enhanced. There is a barcode in the upper-left corner, and given the quality of the packaging and the clarity of the barcode, I'm pretty sure that this is a rare example of a legitimate Russian release. All the appropriate logos seem to be present, and there's even an e-mail address for SomeWax (albeit a Hotmail one that may or may not be valid), which I doubt would appear on a counterfeit.

The booklet itself is several pages, and includes what appear to be color-tinted photos of the horizon, or possibly CGI depictions of same, along with lyrics which may or may not be entirely accurate. This is one of the more well-done reissues... not as good as the EDSEL release, but on par with the Varese Sarabande and Repertoire versions. It is also by far the most unusual version I've seen, mostly due to the laser-etched disc.

I hope everyone finds this version as interesting as I do, and haven't nodded off two paragraphs in. I'd like to share some photos of my collection, this item in particular, but I haven't really looked into how to do that from within the forum. If there's a good deal of interest, I'll definitely try to share some images in the near future. For now, I'll take my leave until I run across this album again in yet another form. Thanks for reading, everyone! :)

Author:  babylon5 [ Sat Jan 14, 2012 5:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: FGTR reissues

I like this album a lot, but these days I probalby listen to it at most two or three times per year. It occurs to me that I could do that for the rest of my life, and listen to a different release of the album every single time.

Author:  dvdgenesis [ Mon Jan 16, 2012 6:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: FGTR reissues

babylon5 wrote:
I like this album a lot, but these days I probalby listen to it at most two or three times per year. It occurs to me that I could do that for the rest of my life, and listen to a different release of the album every single time.

LOL... yep, you and me both. :) I don't listen to it a lot myself, but I still haven't got around to getting all my Genesis albums onto my iPod. So far I've only got the Archive boxed sets and various other compilations on it, but I'm planning to eventually get all my CDs into iTunes. This endeavor was mostly just about collecting the various releases, but I now have most of the interesting ones.

Author:  dvdgenesis [ Tue Jan 24, 2012 8:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: FGTR reissues

Sort of off-topic, but I had an experience recently that relates to a previous tangent we went on regarding, ahem, "unofficial" pressings and certain countries that are known for producing them. I'm not advocating the purchase of these in any way... just making an observation about an item from one of those countries.

As a Christmas gift, I received Love Songs - A Compilation... Old And New (PLUS EXTRA STUFF) which was the "deluxe" Digipak version that included a bonus DVD of a few videos that did not appear on the First Farewell Tour set. I also got a BEST BUY gift card from the same person, so it seemed appropriate to order the deluxe Digipak edition of Going Back with the gift card. I had actually bought the album at BEST BUY on the day of release, and they did have an exclusive bonus DVD containing an interview with Phil.

Unfortunately, the deluxe edition was backordered. I was almost ready to give up until about a week ago when I went to their website and noticed that I couldn't cancel my order because they were in the process of fulfilling it. Because of the exclusive DVD, I was worried that they'd just send me their version (which was in a 2-disc "brilliant box" jewel case rather than a Digipak) instead of what I wanted, but sure enough the Digipak was in my mailbox a few days later. For those unfamiliar with the different versions of this title that have been released, this version contains 25 tracks, plus 4 bonus tracks as .wav and .mp3 files, making up all 29 songs Phil recorded for the project. The bonus DVD includes Going Back: The Home Movie which is very much that... a fly-on-the-wall look at making the album, with running commentary from Phil added after the fact. There is also something called A Conversation With Phil Collins which made me worry that my BEST BUY-exclusive bonus DVD had been rendered obsolete. I needn't have worried, because this was just a more slickly-produced behind-the-scenes featurette that included interviews with just about everyone involved with the project. The interview on the BEST BUY disc was just a single-camera affair with Phil sitting in a chair the whole time.

Now comes the part that's slightly off... I noticed that it was apparently made in Argentina, and even had a variation of the usual hologram sticker on the front. The only difference I noticed between it and the U.S. version I already had was that the graphics on the label surface didn't seem to have the translucency that the U.S. discs did, but imports aren't usually as flashy as American pressings, so that's not unusual. I wonder if BEST BUY got duped into selling less-than-legitimate copies of the album, or just got desperate trying to fulfill orders and went with a less-than-reputable distributor. I don't want to assume the worst, and I don't feel cheated at all, but I'm just curious to know if there's a way I can find out whether this is a legit Argentine release or not.

For what it's worth, I was very pleasantly surprised to find that not only are all 29 songs available as .wav and .mp3 files, they are also playable via the DVD menu (probably as Dolby Digital, or, dare we dream, uncompressed PCM tracks). As with the Genesis boxed sets, you get a graphic slideshow while the album plays on the DVD. Since I may not ever lay out the cash for the limited edition box of vinyl singles, it was really cool to see the picture sleeve/label art designs from each of them displayed during each song.

Whew... another long post out of my system. I would have started a new thread, but this kind of touches on what we talked about before, and made me sort of question my opinion of Argentina as far as CDs go. I didn't notice any Spanish text anywhere, and I don't really know if that would be a good or bad sign. All I know is that I got the deluxe edition and only had to pay a few bucks for shipping. At this point I think I have every song Phil recorded, aside from the album A Hot Night In Paris, which I do plan to buy soon. I would love someone to start a new thread if there might be rare tracks I've missed, though. Of course I mean actual Phil Collins songs, not side projects or sessions. I'm reminded that I still don't have the Brother Bear soundtrack, but I think I have the single of at least one or two of those tracks, and he didn't do all of those himself. I also don't have TARZAN: The Musical, but I don't think he sings those. Anyway, if anyone knows of Phil or Genesis songs that have appeared on an official CD album or single and are really rare, I'm up to the challenge to see whether I have them or not.

Until another reissue of FGTR crosses my path... thanks for reading! :)

Author:  theSeaHawk [ Tue Feb 03, 2015 10:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: FGTR reissues

Did "Genesis Archive" do a needledrop of the mono version of FGTR?

Author:  dvdgenesis [ Mon Mar 02, 2015 4:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: FGTR reissues

theSeaHawk wrote:
Did "Genesis Archive" do a needledrop of the mono version of FGTR?

I don't understand... what do you mean?

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