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Do I have everything?
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Author:  dvdgenesis [ Mon Feb 27, 2012 6:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Do I have everything?

I quite like the original version, and I have always loved Phil's In Concert performance of it. Of course I have a special affinity for the entire film anyway, because it was pretty much my first glimpse of "early Genesis" live. At the time, PG-era film was the holy grail of collecting for those of us who had neither the connections nor budget to acquire such things, so the recording of that film from USA's Night Flight that I found at a record show was the earliest concert footage I saw until bits and pieces of PG-era film were included in 1990's A History.

I like CC99 too of course, although I wasn't familiar enough with the original to realize that the last verse was missing. No idea whether to believe the Ray rumor, although it does go right back to Peter after Phil's part, so it doesn't seem likely that there was supposed to be some kind of progression toward the end of the song. Guess only the band and Trevor Horn know for sure, although Ray is probably accessible enough to confirm whether this is true or not if anyone knows how to reach him.

The only flaw in the song that jumps out at me is using the word "celluloid" twice. It's a nice rhyme with "no way to avoid", but the other use of it should have been something else. Can't really think of anything, and maybe the band couldn't either. Guess it's just another "Sussudio" story where nothing else really seemed to fit.

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