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 27-Jun-2007 LTU Arena, Dusseldorf 
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Post Vue in Edinburgh
Was a little apprehensive about going to a Genesis gig in a cinema BUT wanted a heads up of the concert I'm going to in Manchester, wasn't feeling all the great and did not decide to go until the very last minute getting there at 6:50 to be greated by a full house - good to see!!!!

Just after 7pm the little into film came on which finally let the cat out of the bag as to why only 2 UK dates had been set - according to Tony they did not know how they would be received in the UK after bad press etc. then when they knew it was going to be a sell out it was too late to add further dates due to scheduling of other shows. I think a bit of a shake and knock together of Phils, Mikes and Tony's heads are required here, all us Genesis fans don't give a hell about the press and reviews, we are there for you guys whatever !!!!!! I did sense a slight feeling of unsureness from them when they even had discussed doing arena type venues first off before Stadiums - this makes me think they were not sure they could sell out bigger venues - I bet they are feeling pleased now at the success of the sales!!!!! See all us Genesis fans have been waiting quietly in the undergrowth for years fot this to happen.

Anyway on with the show - lets just say barring a few freezes in picture and some audio cut-outs the show was great in the cinema. The audience was a little reserved at the beginning until one wee late 50's - 60's guy near the front was up air drumming, this seemed to break the "should we clap and get involved or shouldn't me moment in time"

Ok I will admit that it not the same as a live gig but as near as you could get. My only comment would be that I felt there could of been more wide shots of the stage to take in the full lighting and visuals - the best moment....there were many. The band sounded great, looked great on stage (Mike - smile more mate lol) and overall put on a show that quite frankly made them not look anything like guys in their 50's - young upstarts take note!!!!.

If anyone wants to know what is the terrifying scene of any film in the cinema they should of been their last night. It happened during the "hahaurrss" during Mama - Phil Collins face lit up by a stage light...get this 50ft tall hahahaha.

Great gig for anyone who was their and roll on the 7th July in Manchester looking forward to it more now than before yesterday evening for sure.

Hope you all enjoyed it last night, specifically Edinburgh but anywhere else too.


Thu Jun 28, 2007 1:17 pm

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Post cinema VUE ROMFORD
At VUE Romford A PACKED HOUSE OF OLD/NEW FANS saw a great gig we all scream and went wild went the band arrive on stage and show was great as they kick off with behind the lines ,then mid way los endos was brillant and old and new songs worked well , I hope they change the set come twickenham , as we have now seen it phil and the boys are in good form as for the fans at a packed Romford VUW went home happy !!!
I know what I like in Genesis :D :D

Thu Jun 28, 2007 1:29 pm
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I saw the show at VUE Cardiff, and I loved every minute. I had tried to avoid finding out the set list, so I was thrilled that they ended with Carpet Crawlers - that was fantastic! :D
In fact the whole set was superb. I might have dropped Hold on My Heart and Throwing it All Away, but they were still played really well.
I remember an interview ages ago when a Lamb reunion was mentioned, and Tony said, "I don't think I can still play that fast," but he has proved this time that he can!
Some other great moments:
    The drum duet on the stools
    Phil singing FYFM from the drum kit
    Phil's 'tambourine acrobatics' during IKWIL - I was amazed he was still fit enough for that at 56! :wink: (Not sure I'd be up to it!)
    The old photos on the screens for IKWIL
    Duke's Travels in the ITC medley, with Daryl playing the Guide Vocal melody instead of Phil singing
I felt that the stage was nice and small and intimate - or so it appeared on the screen. Then the cameras turned round to show a vast stadium!
It made me laugh when Phil introduced In The Cage as an 'old song'. They were all old songs! :wink:

As a concept, I felt that a live concert in a cinema worked a lot better than people might expect. I would definitely go again if another band/artist I like was doing one.

Funny moment at Cardiff - a bloke got out of his seat and went down the front to do The Walk during I Can't Dance. And he kept doing it - forward and back for the entire duration of the song! :lol:

Thu Jun 28, 2007 1:39 pm
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:cry: No chance for me to experience the show in cinemas in Denmark. :cry:

Sometimes the truth hurts. That doesn't make it less true.

Thu Jun 28, 2007 2:11 pm
Jabo1961 wrote:
Totally agree and I loved Phil`s "vocalisations " ,almost screaming, nearing the end of the drum duet before launching into Los Endos. How intense was that !

Oh, that was excellent. He was really in the moment there and you could see Chester watching him intently, waiting for the cue to play one more bar before playing the drum lick that heralds the start of Los Endos. Interesting to compare the length of the duet they played last night with the one that was played on the first gig of the tour. Like every Genesis tour, the drum duet will get longer as the tour goes on.

Thu Jun 28, 2007 5:35 pm

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Post Re: Vue in Edinburgh
If anyone wants to know what is the terrifying scene of any film in the cinema they should of been their last night. It happened during the "hahaurrss" during Mama - Phil Collins face lit up by a stage light...get this 50ft tall hahahaha.

Exactly what my daughter said, how scary was that massive face beaming down :shock: , great fun though :lol:

Thu Jun 28, 2007 6:02 pm

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Check out my thread for the Vue cinema broadcast in the Reunion Discussion section (silly me, I should have posted it here)

Thu Jun 28, 2007 7:30 pm
I think you can copy and paste, you know.

Thu Jun 28, 2007 7:46 pm

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I was surprised that the hall was only 1/2 full at best, and because the cinema is located at the top of a shopping complex, there were no fans waiting around to give you that gig 'vibe'.

We were told to arrive for 6:20 sharp, but were left waiting until after 7pm when the feed finally kicked in. There were occasional technical glitches when the signal started to 'freeze', rather like on of those DVB 'freeview' boxes.. I thought the ticket price was reasonable, and I definitely enjoyed the comfort of my cinema seat, I did n't feel I was missing out on any of the action. Sound and pictures were excellent, with the bass and guitars especially having real punch, the pictures were dynamic and detailed but soft on the eye. Unless you are in say, the first 100 rows at a stadium show, often all you see is a distant blur of the stage, and ending up watching the big screen, anyway.

What about the show?
Well, Phil's vocal does not have the power it used to have, he is singing much softer these days, and many songs were played in keys that were different from usual to make it easier for him.
Daryll's 'widdling' on Gabriel-era classics like "Firth Of Fifth" (I thought Anthony Drennan did a more respectful solo in '98) and "I Know What I Like" does still irritate, and at times the band lacked real excitement, sounding like they were going through the motions in a re-run of the "Three Sides Live" and "Way We Walk" albums.

However...there were magical moments too.
"Ripples" featured some fine 12-string guitar from Rutherford, a lovely sweet vocal from Collins, some elegant piano from Banks, and, a very tasteful and faithful lead from Steurmer! He played a Les Paul on this song.
"Follow You Follow Me" was also very good, benefitting from some nice on-screen animation. The lighting, stage set, and screen effects were impressive and did add a new dimension to the Genesis experience.

Both Chester and Phil were rock solid on the drums, as expected, and Tony's keyboards sounded fresh and authoratative, which was a surprise to me as he has opted for all new gear, and I expected it sound tinny/cheesy.

"Invisible Touch" also sounded fine to me, though I wondered why they bothered with a truncated "Tonight..", like in '92 (the best bit of the song IS the tense instrumental build-up). i was also very surprised that there was nothing from "Abacab", and only one song from "Wind And Wuthering".

Overall I thought it was an enjoyable mixed bag of an evening.
With the exception of "In The Cage/Cinema Show", I'd personally prefer this line-up to ditch the Gabriel stuff and concentrate instead on material from the albums "A Trick Of The Tail" to "Abacab", and leave the really old/louder stuff to messrs Wilson and Gabriel (and Hackett), should they ever return to the fold, which I really hope they do some day. Can't really be sure as these guys are definitely getting on a bit now (Wilson excepted), and watching the show you do get the feeling that you were witnessing a band reaching towards the end of it's lifespan.
Best to be grateful that they are around at all, methinks.

Thu Jun 28, 2007 9:32 pm
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Hey everyone!

I was there in Dusseldorf standing right at the front having a wonderful view at Phil, I made this picture and some more: ... otoID=1227

I was happy to be in front, because I waited at the gate for 10 hours.
Here I have some more pictures: ... i2007.msnw

and: ... snw?Page=2

I will see them again sunday in Amsterdam!

Friendly greetings,
Gordon Dorff

Fri Jun 29, 2007 4:27 pm

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Post Another great show
I saw the Dusseldorf show in person, visiting Europe from the US. After being absolutely soaked at the Poland show, I was relieved that this stadium had a roof, as it was unusually cold it gets dark really late in Europe! Wouldn't want to miss the light show.

I felt the band played with a bit more energy at this show. Perhaps because they are getting into a groove, or perhaps because of the cinema aspect.

Huge positives: Phil's voice is IMO the best ever, the surprising and inventive drum solo, excellent sound quality, nice clean stadium, lowering the keys was fine after all, beautiful softer songs such as Ripples, Afterglow, and Carpet Crawlers, an exuberant crowd, great audible backup vocals from Mike and Daryl, and Phil's "Home by the Sea" ghost sound effect, which drew a good chuckle.

Some negatives: Five songs from Invisible Touch was about two too many, Firth of Fifth excerpt is unsatisfying by itself, the light board screen is not visible from the side loge (where I sat,) too many shots of Phil (and not other members) and overal boring camera work on the little side screens, set still a little too much like 92, Phil has no new intros or jokes, bombs at end of Invisible Touch are cheesey, Varilights could be used more - they seem to just sit there.

Overall I am really happy with the shows, and looking forward to London in a week or so.

Sat Jun 30, 2007 10:24 am

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Post Dusseldorf June 27
Yes !! What an experience !! I'm talking about watching the lads at Bolton's Vue cinema. It's really set me & the wife up for the Old Trafford gig. I thought the band was only doing an acoustic version of ' Ripples ' but when they did the full version, including ' the middle bit ', well, the eyes did get a bit watery !! The fact that it is back in the set in whatever format was good enough for me but the full version was just, well, I'm lost for words. Been waiting since '76 when as an 11 year old I bought the ' Trick Of The Tail ' single & ended up playing said B side more than the A side. Easily my favourite Genesis song by a country mile - ' Best song ' as a forum topic if not already, including why it's your favourite ? Anyway, definitely pay a tenner to see a band at the cinema again. Eventually everybody started shouting & clapping which was like everyone else has said was a bit surreal.
Today managed to book a hotel for forty quid, 5 minute walk from Old Trafford for me & t'missus so I'm a happy man !!
Not happy about the rubbish tickets we've got in the new stand at the back but what the hell ! I'll be up on my feet even if no-one else around me isn't ! Probably have the wife saying "Sit down!"
It's going to be a long week at work !!
Hope everyone has a great gig

Sat Jun 30, 2007 7:33 pm

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Did anyone go to the showing at Cribbs Causeway in Bristol??

I'm trying to get a refund because the sound was pretty poor (Phil's drums lost completely in the mix, bass pedals taking over everything else whenever they were used and just generally quite quiet) but it just seems to be me and a couple of mates I went with complaining at the moment, so I need some backup for my refund attempt.

Initially we thought it was just the nature of mixing it live and broadcasting it via (presumably) the web, but since other comments on here suggest there was no problem, and a friend of a friend (who's a big fan and knows what they should sound like) saw it in Portsmouth and said the sound was excellent, I think Cribbs was alone with the problem.

Vue have offered complimentary tickets for a future visit, but because A) they obviously don't cover the same value as I paid out, B) I live over an hour's drive from Cribbs and C) I didn't manage to get tickets for either of the UK shows, I'm keen to get the money back.

Also, an off topic question (and one that's probably been asked before, but I've searched and couldn't find owt), can you get access to the official website without paying??? Much as I love Gen, I begrudge paying $35 just for access to the forum.

Tue Jul 10, 2007 12:17 pm
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dazzathedrummer wrote:
well, I managaged to get to Cambridge in time - what a fantastic show!!!!

a bit sureal, but very enjoyable - great choice of songs (although 'I Cant Dance' still makes me cringe).

Follow you follow me was great - I always thought the way that they've played it in the past was a bit strange and a bit far from the original - but with Phil doing the original drum part - it was much more faithfull to the original.

might have to buy tickets on Ebay now!!!


Your not the only one, ICD makes me cringe as well.its the bit with phil pretending to play the mouth organ or whatever he is trying to do.But that aside the whole performance was awesome!

Fri Dec 28, 2007 10:22 pm
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