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 27-Sep-2007 Giants Stadium, East Rutherford NJ 
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Post 27-Sep-2007 Giants Stadium, East Rutherford NJ
Post reviews / set lists / photos here.

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Wed Sep 05, 2007 9:00 am
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80,000 seat stadium and no one here has any report re the show?

Fri Sep 28, 2007 7:40 pm

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Giants Stadium was my last show of the tour, and I have to say it was a letdown. Three primary reasons:

1) I was in the lower bowl, but completely over on stage left. The screen behind the stage adds so much to the show, and sitting this far over to the right completely blocks the main part of the screen and the right oval screen.

2) The acoustics were pretty poor. There was a pretty strong echo or slapback off of the back of the stadium - for some reason it was particularly strong on Chhester's snare when it triggered an electronic drum sample (e.g. LOC).

3) The people in my section were pretty lame. Relatively low energy and way too much talking. If you are going to *beep* and moan during HOMH that you want more "rock and roll" stuff, don't talk through the entirety of I Know What I Like.

Beyond these structural issues, the playing was not up to snuff compared to MSG or Hartford. It might have been a bad sign when Mike's Bass wasn't plugged in to start BTL. The most notable problems were Phil struggling through FOF and the bass drums falling out of sync during the Duke's End part of the ITC suite. The made up for it a bit with a fantasic version of Mama, but there just seemed to be a little something missing. They went on later than the other shows - nearly 9 - so I don;t know if something was up.

So my final ranking of the shows I attended go as follows:

1) NYC
2) Hartford
3) Boston
4) New Jersey

The end of the NYC show left me a little emotional, and the end of teh NJ show felt like the end of summer camp. I had a great time at all of the shows, but it's definitely sad to think that "that's all" for seeing them live. I think they did a fantastic job of creating a set list that meets the needs of all sorts of fans, and I have no regrets about the time and $$ invested. Thanks a ton guys - I hope to see you again at some point in the future.

Fri Sep 28, 2007 10:15 pm
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How was the crowd size at this show??


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Sat Sep 29, 2007 4:46 am
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It certainly wasn't sold out, but there were a lot of people there. There was one very empty section in the lower bowl in the back that seemed like they help back seats that noone purchased. Quite odd.

Sat Sep 29, 2007 5:48 am

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I typed up and AMAZING review and X'd it out accidentally by the time I got to the end. Ever do that? You'll wanna put a fist through you're monitor. PROMISE.

Anyway.. My ramblings and nitpickings on the Stadium show.

-My seats were amazing. Floor. Dead Center. 18th row. Money seats.

-The constant plugging of the box sets and the books before the show starts is way cheesy. And to top of the cheese, they played a cover version of Keep it Dark through the PA. (Who is that by the way? It was good.)

- I officially LOVE the intro-music before the lights go out. It gets me all riled up. I want it on a cd.

-Delayed start. Think they waited a bit too long for it to fill up. I'd say the available seating was about 80% full.

- Even after Phil's mullet-wielding drum-tech compulsivley walks out on stage with a towel 7 times to make sure none of Phil's cymbals have any finger prints, they still somehow someway manage to let Rutherford walk on stage without plugging his bass into his wireless pack. Way to go.

-Again, as I posted in the MSG thread the friggin' front of house sound was just not loud enough when Behind the Lines hit. Knock me over with kick drums dammit! You have 3 of them on stage! This is a rock show! AHH! However, as far a show goes soundwise in this horrid stadium.. the mix was impeccable. Crystal clear.

- Which by the way, the stadium production positivley TRUMPS the arena production. I feel sorry for you Euro's that had to experience the start of most of the shows in broad daylight.

- No Son of Mine is an annoying song. Especially in the dropped key. However, I thought the triggering of Chester's drums to match the producton on the album was pretty cool. This would happen on every song off of self-titled ---> on.

-The way Chester and Mike rang out in the pre-choruses on Land of Confusion made the song a litte more rock n roll and less 80's. Good Stuff.

- Tony kinda blew it during In the Cage. You can totally tell when the two big parts come up, he's totally wincing on the inside going "Ohhh God not again!!" haha. This is not easy stuff though.

- 2nd Home by the Sea. WOW. Just wow. Another example of why the Stadium production trumps the arena production. The flaming lights that ride the trusses up were incredible. This might have been moment of the show for me. Especially impressed with Phil on this one, as the key was dropped for part 1. But as the vocal came back at the end, he was forced to finish the song in its original key and nailed it.

- Phil, I think, broke a stick during Firth. Also, wasnt big on Tony's choice of keyboard sound for this tour's rendition. Less classic rock. More Louie Devito's Underground Dance Party Mix 7. Also didnt like how abruptly they started it either. Not a huge medey guy, but felt Firth was more effective in the middle of the WCD tour medley. Now I'm just nitpicking.

- MAMA. Song of the night. Figured as this is one of my lesser favorites. Another one to really appreciate the Stadium production on this one. The netting rising on the trusses to carry backdrop light with the drum fills was amazing. And by this point, my volume complaints have passed. This song was CRUSHING.

- Ripples was beautiful. I found myself swaying back and forth.

- The Domino Principle. Corny right? Done at every show for 20 years. Get over right? Until you're part of it in a stadium, than you realize just how cool it is to see a chubby little bald Englishmen in complete control of about 40 thousand people. Thought the begining of Domino fell victim to the key dropping the worst. Kinda sucked the life out of it. Especially when it got to the "We prayed it would last foreverrrr" which usually has the entire stadium yelling that line.

-Los Endos was an energetic as always.

-The pyro and fireworks at the end of Invisible Touch were so cool. Again I'll stress, the arena shows cant touch the massive presentation the stadium show displays.

Left this show feeling a bit sad, but VERY grateful. In no way did I think that I would enjoy the stadium gig more than the MSG show. Afterall, MSG is the stop on EVERY tour in the history of rock n roll that people will continually say is the best show in the world for them. But. Thats all.

Thank you Genesis. You've affected this life immensly.

Sat Sep 29, 2007 4:57 pm

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Thanks for the counterpoint, lastpt4. It definitely goes to show that the seats/crowd around you has an impact on your experience. I'm currious that you didn't report on the slapback effect of the echo - did you not experience this in front of the stage? Perhaps it had more to do with the expanse of empty seats to my left.

Sat Sep 29, 2007 5:43 pm

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fmcdonnell wrote:
I'm currious that you didn't report on the slapback .

I actually didnt notice this much as I had the FOH mix absolutley roaring down at me by mid-show, but I can understand how it would have. For whatever reason there were those two completley empty sections in the lower bowl of what I would've considered to be pretty good seats..? Notice this? Couple the fact that there was two flying PA's hanging from trusses facing the back with a half full upper back bowl and it will definetly make for slapback for sure. I've seen shows at Giant Stadium where they didnt fly a PA towards the back and cranked the one flying from the stage.

Really though, I thought the sound was great at the Stadium in terms of clarity.

Sat Sep 29, 2007 6:16 pm
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Thanx for the great review. Sounds like you had an amazing night. I appreciate your comments on the differences of indoor vs. outdoor venues, as I was one of those poor soules who suffered from the outdoor problems at my gig. Also find your comment on the FOF w/o medley to be spot-on.

Sometimes the truth hurts. That doesn't make it less true.

Sun Sep 30, 2007 10:41 am

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fmcdonnell wrote:
It certainly wasn't sold out, but there were a lot of people there. There was one very empty section in the lower bowl in the back that seemed like they help back seats that noone purchased. Quite odd.

I think this was because of the massive speakers/lights they had set up towards the back of the floor seating section. If you had sat in those empty sections you saw, your view of the stage would have been entirely blocked. I had seats in Section 318 and the middle of the stage was completely blocked from view by them. Luckily there were plenty of seats to move to so we moved around to the side.

Great show though, I didn't get home until 2am because they hit the stage so late. I noticed that the crowd got the "hey hey"..."hey hey" finger pointing thing that Phil does during I Know What I Like right the first time. In Hartford, he had to do it twice before he was happy.

Sun Sep 30, 2007 6:21 pm

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Appreciate the bit about Tony's keyboards too..loved it and I know exactly what youre talking about. Good honest review..I like the viewpoint from which you wrote it with all the acute observations. Best review I've read on here thus far.

Mon Oct 01, 2007 5:50 am
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