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 No Reunion for at least 12 months... 
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Yep, there are some people round those parts who have had a serious sense of humour bypass!


I agree about Little Britain though, it's gone from an edgy, subversive, dark cult comedy like "League of Gentlemen" to crass, OTT, tired mass-public pleasing garbage within 3 series - good going!



Epping Forest DVDs - The Ultimate Genesis DVD project

Fri Dec 02, 2005 2:45 pm
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LivingForever wrote:

I agree about Little Britain though, it's gone from an edgy, subversive, dark cult comedy like "League of Gentlemen" to crass, OTT, tired mass-public pleasing garbage within 3 series - good going!



Oh no next you tell me Ting Tong not from Pong Pong but from Tooting :lol: :lol:

Sat Dec 03, 2005 12:12 pm

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Post 12 Month Reality Issues
Let us step back for a moment and examine what is being said, on the surface and below, in the official statement.

"There are no decisions by Genesis to perform anywhere whatsoever at this time. This situation will not alter in the next twelve months."

As precise as the band has always been in written statements, we can only take them at face value. “There are no decisions…at this time.” A statement such as “Genesis has not decided to tour at this time” would indicate that the normal state of affairs is that the group does not tour and that nothing has changed that state of affairs. However, the statement as released indicates that the normal state is now that Genesis does make (and plans to continue to make) decisions regarding public performances, but that no resolution is expected for twelve months. It definitely moves the status from the definitively negative ‘we won’t tour’ to the open-ended “no decisions…at this time.”

Also, it seems intriguing to me that without any formal announcement, the term Genesis again includes Phil, as if the days of Genesis existing without Phil are permanently over. This should indicate that Phil’s dissatisfaction with splitting time with the group has waned, even if only to a small degree.

Secondly, the reference to the situation remaining static for 12 months subtly infers agreement between the band members to readdress the concept at a later time. Splitting hairs within the sentence leads to the question of the meaning of the word ‘situation.’ Is the ‘situation’ that won’t alter that there will be no decisions made for 12 months, or that there will be no performances for 12 months. Indeed the statement seems carefully crafted to leave holes and openings. Is the band testing the response?

Therefore, we must ask why a deliberately time-specific statement would be used. There has been no mention, either in the TSPM statement nor in the individual members statements, that there are any personal differences to be ironed out. Indeed, all members seem very amiable to each other and the idea. So clearly the 12 month period is built in to allow resolution of other matters necessary to bringing something together. Roughly interpreted, the group is saying that they will sleep on it for 12 months, and if some logistical things work themselves out, then we will make a decision.

What must transpire in the next 12 months to bring serious consideration to a reunion?

1) All members must continue to get along. Phil must continue to stand by his statement that he will be happy to sit behind the drums. Phil is the only member that can challenge Peter’s popularity, and it would seem unlikely that Peter would consent to anything that would split his role up front for more than a song or duet. Asking Steve to play on post W&W material would seem unrealistic. And where does Peter stand while Ray sings Carpet Crawlers? (just kidding!) All in all, the maturity and strength of the relationship between all members should likely remain strong.
2) Interest from promoters and sponsors must be expressed or generated. As Peter said, it can’t be like last time, they would have to do it right. This means money upfront for venues and gear. Remember much of the group’s gear was liquidated several years ago when the Farm was sold.
3) The money would have to be sufficient to entice all five members and recoup expenses. None of the five are financially strapped or support large business entities, the factor that forces many groups out on the road (Billy Joel, The Who, The Rolling Stones). A five-headliner tour such as this would have to price out at or beyond current Stones prices, considering the obvious stage set and touring company.
4) Contracts must be examined or negotiated. Each member has various recording and performing obligations to complete in order to remove conflicts.
5) The 2006 and 2007 concert seasons must play out favorably. Either the top classic touring acts (Stones, The Who, Paul McCartney) must tour in 2006 and show strong sales, or they must take a break from touring and create a trough demand for 2007. If Cream and Pink Floyd do reunite more seriously, this could create a major deterrent to a Genesis tour.
6) The current interest in a tour must continue. If the fan interest and talk drops off in May and June, the issue may die altogether. Fans need to keep asking about it, reporters need to keep writing about it.

So basically, my feeling is there is true interest on the part of the group to do it, and that's what the 12 month statement indicated. However, they also recognize that to be feasible, there are many other factors. For my part, I am starting a savings account for my tickets, and if it never happens, I get a new computer.

Wed Dec 14, 2005 2:14 am

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Post hi mr. nbarnett
my feelings are exactly as yours Gabriel said yes,hackett wants to do it collins wants to sit again on the drums with Tony and Mike will be with them,time o prepare something new maybe a new album ,new costumes,
something will happened soon,something big will happen soon.

Sun Jan 15, 2006 2:14 pm
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