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Shrine 75 As though Emerald City QUADRAPHONIC
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Author:  cplaster [ Wed Jan 21, 2009 6:14 am ]
Post subject:  Shrine 75 As though Emerald City QUADRAPHONIC

Has anyone ever tried to see if this bootleg plays back in Quad? The paper insert that came with the boot claims that it is Quad and will play back as such with the right gear (QS Matrixing to be exact). What got me thinking about this is that there is a Rolling Stones boot that just turned up on demonoid that is a quad decoding of a king biscuit broadcast from '73. It is already accecpted as one of the best stones live recordings out there, and the fact that it is quad should make for a great listen. There is also an old ELP boot of a king biscuit show from 74 that is supposedly quad,too.
Seeing as this boot blows away the archive version, and sounds a bit more ballsy than the Wolfgangs version, maybe someone should give it a try and upload the results if it works. Also, might be worth trying to see if a broadcast master could be sourced.
Thanks, Carl P.

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